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Digimon Manga Archive

So since i’ve been involved with just about every single Digimon Manga project to date. May as well do my archive on here at last. Just a note. Please do not reupload these. Also You must NOT use any of the … Continue reading

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Re:Encode + ‘New Manga’

Since I got asked this a little while ago, i’ll also confirm here. Digimon: Digital Hunters. It isn’t an official manga. It’s someone’s fan manga/comic/whatever you want to call it. I did just read it, not bad, but names are … Continue reading

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Digimon Re:Digitize Encode Manga – Update

I had meant to do this recently and then forgot… Kaen has had scanner problems and hasn’t been able to scan. However I have been offered assistance today by another scanner. We should be getting 5 onwards in January. Also … Continue reading

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Digimon Re:Digitize Encode Manga

I honestly don’t know what is happening with the Raws for the Digimon Re:Digitize Encode Manga. The raw provider hasn’t told me anything (i.e if they got V-Jump etc). I think chapter 6 was in the recent issue, based upon … Continue reading

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Encode Chapter 2

Hopefully expect Encode Chapter 2 Raws tomorrow. Kaen will do her Raws once she has the V-Jump. Lobomon has sent me his Raws to release. I just have run out of time after having a busy day today to release. … Continue reading

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When I say don’t upload anywhere else…

When I say don’t upload anywhere else…I MEAN it. This includes Manga Reader like sites. It is clear in several places of my site that you do NOT re-upload this stuff. I’ve had to send emails to two Online Reader sites this morning … Continue reading

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ReDigitize Chapter 2 This weekend

You can expect Re:Digitize Chapter 2 raws this weekend.

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