Digimon Manga Archive

So since i’ve been involved with just about every single Digimon Manga project to date.

May as well do my archive on here at last. Just a note. Please do not reupload these. Also You must NOT use any of the scanlations to make your own scanlations. So for example if you want to do German scanlations, you must use the raws to make the scanlations as a LOT of time is put into doing them.

[DS_Raws] V-Jump Archive


Digimon Chronicle

Raw of the 1.0 Booklet


Digimon D-Cyber Scanslations + Raws of 6-10 (1-5 don’t exist)


These Scanlations have been done by various groups
MO – 1-12
Himitsu – 13-29 + Double Tamer + Episode Une Specials
WtW – 30-42
DATS – 43-58 (end) + Hot Blooded, Frontier Generation + C’Mon Digimon Specials

Digimon V-Tamer Scanlations

Digimon V-Tamer Raws


These Scanlations have been done by various groups
Himitsu – 1-4
WTW – 5-8
DATS – 9-12
Starlations – 13+

Digimon Next Scanlations

Digimon Next Raws


Digimon Xros Raws

Digimon Xros Scanlations (GCT)


Digimon Re-Digitize Re:Encode Raws


Misc Stuff

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4 Responses to Digimon Manga Archive

  1. Julio says:

    There is no 2009 V-Jump Archive?

    • xrosraws says:

      There isn’t no. Cause no Digimon Manga was coming out of the time so I did not buy the V-Jumps as they cost a lot of money to import.

  2. nxk says:

    OMG; Thanks, thanks, thaaaank!! (^O^)/

  3. Ghjklbnm says:

    Yaaaay, thank you for making updated links to everything!

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