Re:Encode + ‘New Manga’

Since I got asked this a little while ago, i’ll also confirm here. Digimon: Digital Hunters. It isn’t an official manga. It’s someone’s fan manga/comic/whatever you want to call it. I did just read it, not bad, but names are predicable for fanmade Digimon (that should have given it away to the person that asked me).

Also, the Re:Encode manga did seem to suddenly cease. There was a chapter 14 (but didn’t actually find it myself). As for the scanlations, don’t know what happened there either. I offered to proof read scripts (since people complained about the first chapter) but didn’t hear anything back.

I do have more plans for XrosRaws in regards of getting stuff into single posts. But that’s going to have to wait til I have a bit more time.

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3 Responses to Re:Encode + ‘New Manga’

  1. wakabayashy says:

    hi there, can you share with us the chapter 14 if you have it please ?

    thanks for your great work !

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