Digimon Xros Wars Scanlations – ..many…:D

GCT Circle. have now released the scanlation of Chapter 19 to 22 of the Digimon Xros Manga. The Two Xros Specials and the 4 sets of extras. In short – the whole final set of stuff 😀 I told you that you were in for a treat.

Do NOT upload this files anywhere else so that I can take it down if requested. This includes not uploading to Manga Reader like sites or other hosting providers. You can link to the upload, but please give proper credit.

Chapter 19 (Page 33 + 34 fixed and chapter re-uploaded *https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2807/8930725956_c26044565b_o.png* – just in cases the cache isn’t updating for 34.)
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Special Chapter 1
Special Chapter 2
Extras 1
Extras 2
Extras 3
Extras 4

Thank you to GCT for scanlating the series. It’s always good to see a Digimon series complete and now I’ve worked on/seen through 3 different series.

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15 Responses to Digimon Xros Wars Scanlations – ..many…:D

  1. Omnicrom says:

    The fixed page has long since expired. Can you reupload them somewhere? Or provide a download link to a fixed chapter 19? It would be good if you could do that for any previous corrections as well, they’re all gone.

  2. xdragon2688 says:

    Thanks for everything, and pass the thanks onto GCT tooo=

  3. MZeroX says:

    hmmm, sorry to nag, but i’ve tried re-downloading chapter 19, but pages 33 and 34 still have the same text for Bagramon in the bottom panels. is it a weird cookie thing on my part, or…?

  4. wakabayashy says:

    thanks to you all 😀

    What’s your next projet ? Related to digimon or new ?

  5. MZeroX says:

    It’s complete! so many thanks, to everyone involved. favorite non-game digimon media to date.

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