Digimon Xros Wars Chapter 8 – Scanlation

GCT Circle. have now released the scanlation of Chapter 8 of the Digimon Xros Manga.

Do NOT upload this file anywhere else so that I can take it down if requested. This includes not uploading to Manga Reader like sites. Yes you can link, but please give proper credit.

Chapter 8

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3 Responses to Digimon Xros Wars Chapter 8 – Scanlation

  1. MZeroX says:

    well, legal issues aside, thanks to everyone’s contributions~

  2. Anonymous says:

    …It’s no use, I’m telling you. A thing is, a lot of readers actually don’t care what the scanlator says. When you release, they’ll upload it to their site…for their upload counts or whatever, and actually don’t even bother to read any of your request to them. You can continue to yell at them, telling them to take it down or even put a page in your release telling people not to read it, but honestly speaking, no one is going to care. That is how the scanlation scene had already become. A lot of scanlators had been demanding for their release to never be uploaded onto any of those sites long before you did, but…a lot of them gave up because stupid readers just don’t know how to read. *shrug*

    • xrosraws says:

      I’m covering my own back more than anything else. In case I do get a C&D notice. And I do, the sites in question will be brought to their attention.

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