Digimon Xros Wars Chapter 1 – Scanlation

A couple of weeks ago a group came to me asking for Permission to scanlate Xros based upon my raws and the translations kindly provided by Nez and Garm.  I said yes to them, but did not want to say anything until the group were ready to release the first chapter. The fact i’m saying this now…yep that’s right the group are releasing their first chapter.

The group are GCT Circle. I have had no involvement with the actual scanlation work. The files etc will be taken down upon official request as per my Blogs statement. Of course OZC Anime may still release in the future with their higher quality raws.

Do NOT upload this file anywhere else so that I can take it down if requested. Yes you can link, but please give proper credit.

Until then, enjoy Digimon Xros Wars Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

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4 Responses to Digimon Xros Wars Chapter 1 – Scanlation

  1. C.C. says:

    I can’t quite believe this actually happened, and two days after I mouthed off about a scanslation effort that would be seen through never coming to pass, no less, but I’m going to declare this an outright miracle. It’s nearly been an entire year since OZC said anything on the matter, so I had to presume them either no longer interested or faced with an insurmountable obstacle. At any rate, I can do more than fine with this group’s work, the raw quality doesn’t bother me in the least. I am quite grateful.

  2. xdragon2688 says:

    This is possibly the best news I’ve seen all day 🙂

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