Translations are here.

So after a fair while I’ve decided to release these. The scanlation group are going to rework them from ‘literal translations’. It doesn’t include the bonus chapter ’22’ as it isn’t done yet. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Nez and Garmmon for doing them 🙂


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12 Responses to Translations are here.

  1. Nely López says:

    Thank you very much for this!! I was waiting for something like this! also I was trying to make my own translations…but I’m not very good with japanese, So I was wondering, if you let me of course, If I can use this translations and your raws for have an english scanlations, BUT if you say no, then I won’t do anything, don’t worry^^ anyway, I’m happy someone do this and thanks for share it^^

  2. NightYoukai says:


  3. sarah says:

    glad someone translated them now i can spend my money on something else thinking of translating the other digimon manga series

    • xrosraws says:

      The other manga series are already translated and scanlated in full. (V-Tamer, Next, D-Cyber, Chronicle and the Re:Digitize.

      • sarah says:

        digimon adventures 01 and 02 where are they if they are scanlated/translated

      • xrosraws says:

        I haven’t even seen Japanese raws. I know there were English versions released by Tokyopop for Adventure, 02 and Tamers. There were English Frontier books elsewhere as well.

  4. C.C. says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve been hoping to see these for some time. And, of course, thanks for the raws themselves in the first place!

    • xrosraws says:

      From when you posted last time, i figured you had guessed what it was XD

      • C.C. says:

        To be honest, that was indeed my inkling, though I try not to make such a presumptuous person of myself ordinarily. I simply couldn’t help it on this occasion, however. But I was correct after all! You lot do excellent work.

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