Digimon Re:Digitize Chapter 001

I don’t know a whole lot about Re:Digitize, not paid much attention. Anyhow the chapter can be found below.


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5 Responses to Digimon Re:Digitize Chapter 001

  1. ahmadmanga says:

    is this chapter a RAW ,i found your site with Google and i don’t want to download it if it was raw ..

  2. Reiji says:

    Wow~! Thank you very much. So far, I am intrigued with the artstyle. Story-wise, I get the feeling that this two chapter spanning manga could be some sort of intro-supplement to the upcoming game itself. Part of marketing promotions, of sorts.

    Personality-wise, I think Nico’s a bit of a goof in this one, whereas he could end up more serious in the original game material.

  3. KKoro says:

    It looks like you scanned pg 10 and 11 twice (12 and 13) not sure if you skipped any pages, though.

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