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Re:Digitize Chapter 1 Scanlated

Chapter 1 of Re:Digitize has been released by ‘A Bored Tamer’ Please do not ask about Xros Scanlations or Translations¬†

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Digimon Re:Digitize Chapter 001

I don’t know a whole lot about Re:Digitize, not paid much attention. Anyhow the chapter can be found below. Download: Mediafire

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ReDigitize Chapter Tomorrow

As the title says, the first chapter will be released tomorrow for ReDigitize. It is confirmed as two parts.

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Bonus Chapter

Well someone who comments on the blog has kindly put the Bonus Chapter together from the online view. (KK who posts on the blog being that someone). Therefore the Bonus Chapter is now available for download. I find this one … Continue reading

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Volume 4 Extras

Well here they are, the Volume 4 extras. As i mentioned last post the special isn’t in the chapter. But all the regular extras are in it. As a side note, i’m getting 2 more V-Jumps so I should be … Continue reading

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Volume 4 – arrived

Volume 4 arrived today, the bonus chapter isn’t in the book much to my suprise. There are extras and I should get around to scanning these at the weekend.

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