Xros Book 4

Just so you guys know now, i’m not going to be able to afford to buy the 4th Volume of the Manga. I lost my father to ill health this past week. The book itself if cheap (just over £3.00 *400 yen*. The shipping is over £12.00!! I really can’t justify spending £15.00 right now when we have only the income i earn coming into the house when i’m going to have bills to pay.

If anyone wants to donate then please email me (xrosraws@gmail.com) otherwise i’m afraid we’ll have to hope that someone else can do the scans :/

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8 Responses to Xros Book 4

  1. Zeromaru X says:

    I’m from Colombia, and I want to donate… but I don’t have paypal account. Have you any other way to me for send you the money?

  2. Reiji says:

    My sincerest condolences as well. I too lost my father due to ill health, and, on the date of this post but a year ago. Hope you will recover and remain strong and sturdy on this sad part of life.

    Nonetheless, I along with the others are thankful for your time and effort in providing us RAW of the XW manga from start to finish. We may never get a glimpse of the 4th Volume, but, nonetheless, we are thankful.

  3. Stanley DecoWood says:

    My condolences! I am sorry i am not going to be able to donate any money for much or less same reasons as yours, but i want to tell you that i admire you for standing up on your feet! I may not know you an never will but that doesn’t matter of course. Wish you best of luck in everything you plan to do!

  4. NightYoukai says:

    Thanks, I’ve waiting

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