Chapter 21 Xros Songs To All The Teens Who Are Chasing After Their Dreams

This is it, the end of the Xros Manga. I’m pleased with how it ended. The music of Never Give Up and Butterfly ‘playing’ was a nice touch. I will be buying Volume 4 when it comes out to do the extras. I think it’s all confirmed on who I am, afterall how many people did V-Tamer and NEXT scans 😉

I do wonder if we’ll get anything new in the next V-Jump issue?? Guess it’s a wait and see eh? Hope to see you around in the community.


Once again please do not re-upload these files anywhere else. I know something as this ends, I should save some money now with how much the subscriptions cost!

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12 Responses to Chapter 21 Xros Songs To All The Teens Who Are Chasing After Their Dreams

  1. asdf says:

    There will be a 4th manga released on may 4th!!! Will you scan it?

  2. NightYoukai says:

    Thanks por the manga, now i just need to find some to translate this to spanish 😀

  3. EX6SM says:

    Thanks for the scans, loved at least they added Lilamon, is Agnimon evolving to Ardhamon in that one panel?

  4. Reiji says:

    Bravo, bravo~! Despite also with the somewhat rushed writing like the anime’s ending. This connects more with the fans. Definitely teared a bit when reading the last pages with the Butterfly playing~ Memories of the good old days of 01, and how humans and Digimon, despite world apart will always be connected through that strong bond that surpasses no matter how great the odds are.

    Thank you very much for both the scans as well as being with us during this journey with the manga. Hopefully we’ll reunite again in the next manga in hand with the 8th Season.

    Dejimon Banzai~!

  5. omicron says:

    Indeed, the ending looks so emotional it’s like the music starts playing in your head all of a sudden…! Thank you so much for your work!

  6. Nely López says:

    Thanks a lot for submit it!! >w< I really aprecate your work! Indded, the manga is BETTER than the anime^^ Too bad both ended T_T
    Anyway, Thanks!!^^

  7. gideonburogu says:

    WOW!~ The storyline is A lot better than the Anime.. Wished they’ll have a sequel or something! XD
    Anyways, good job on the RAW scans.. Thank you so much! ^_^

  8. gideonburogu says:

    WOW!~~ I wished there’ll be a sequel or something that focuses on Gumdramon and the gang.. at least something different from the anime! XD
    Anyway, Big thanks for the RAWs. U did a good job on it. ^_^

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