So the plan is…

The plan is to use mediafire for the moment. I have had an offer of hosting should that not work out, so at present time you’ll still be getting the raws (unless I get a C&D). I’ll see if I can get some time this weekend to re-upload what was lost.

Again I will ask that people do not mirror the raws, simply because of the legalties. Me being able to take them down upon request could very well save my ass one day.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are likely going to be delays with Chapter 19, I have BIG real life issues to deal with right now, you know that kinda has to come first.

Edit: That feeling when you realise that you are going to have to reupload V-Tamer, Next, Chronicle and D-Cyber again >>

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3 Responses to So the plan is…

  1. Elc says:

    Hello, it’s a good news that you decide to continue the scanlation. And I think MF is not a bad choice too for hosting files.

    But can I request you to upload the newest chapter first ? (ch 19)
    I am very excited to see the scene where Ulforce Veedramon got killed. 😀

    Btw here is my story :
    (01/18) I introduced Xros Raws to my online friend at some forum, so he could download the RAW by himself. (yes I don’t re-upload what i get from here)

    (01/19) I found Megaupload is dead and the link here is not working anymore, I’m just speechless coz its not even 24 hours passed since I introduced this site to my friend. x_0


    • xrosraws says:

      I’m not scanlating…scanlating is the process of making manga readable into English.

      I haven’t even got my V-Jump yet AND as I said i have some stuff to deal with in real life >_>

      Oh yea thanks for spoiling the chapter for me really don’t appreciate that.

      • Elc says:

        Sorry if i was spoiling you 😦 , but it was just my speculation to choose Ulforce as the victim.

        I’m just read from boku that one of royal digi will killed, the exact digi name is not written nor the pic.

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