I can’t believe it happened

I can’t believe that the US government went after Megaupload. I do have back up of my files, but no place to host them anymore. Mediafire doesn’t have enough and i’m pretty concerned now about releasing anymore raws or re-upload what has already been released.

Dunno what i’m going to do yet because of this, but this is a pretty damn poor day for freedom of the net.

Edit: Other posts removed because non of the links will work because of MU going belly up.

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3 Responses to I can’t believe it happened

  1. Doomroar says:

    yeah men and those awful SO PA and PI PA haven’t been approved yet and they already shooted megaupload, well i think you could use torrents if you dont feel that safe about file hosting servers, and then see if bakabt or other place could give you some backup, but then again i don’t know if bakabt would survive or if they accept raws that i think they, do but the problem here is that to not post it because you fear they would be taken down lather is not really the problem because that is actually how some videos on the net work some one uploads then and latter another one follows after the previous has been taken down like a chain, but this is loop troublesome and more than that annoying for the uploader, but this is in case those monster get approved so i would like to tell you to don’t get too worried about the uploads until the date of the apocalypse, cause this is damn similar Obscurantism of the 16th century eccept that instead of people is web pages and instead of a church or religion is a company that is some what similar so until then try to enjoy and do what you fell like now that you can safely until we know more about what the future holds 😉

    mmm looking back this post was to encourage you but is kinda grim so i hope i don’t induce worry instead of peace of mind, also this is why this is my first time posting you so thanks before hand for all you have done and may do. so cheer up.

  2. Atlanta says:

    Well how much is the rar files? because:

    http://www.sendspace.com/ lets 300 MB
    http://www.4shared.com/ lets 4 GB (which may do it)
    http://www.yourfilelink.com/ allows 5GB

  3. Final Cannon says:

    You can try Multiupload.

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